Picture of kidsWelcome to the Grow a Child web site. A place where simple ideas make you an extraordinary parent!

The Grow a Child web site is a collaborative effort between a number of  North Carolina community agencies, created to help families find local community resources and other simple ideas to turn good parents into extraordinary parents.   Learn more…

How Grow A Child Got its Start:

A few years ago a local couple adopted an eight-month-old baby unexpectedly.  The parents had no time to prepare or read the latest information.  A wonderful friend threw the new mom a party. Each gift she received contained easy to understand information on child development as well as simple activities she could do with her child as the months and years passed.  Each month the new mom would go in her child’s closet and choose a bag with the appropriate age of development on it. 

One of the first gifts she opened contained a wonderful activity called chips in a can.  It contained a peanut can which had been decorated with pictures and numbers.  A small slit had been cut in the lid in which a child could place large poker chips.  This helped the child develop small muscle skills that would later help him learn to feed himself, hold a pencil, and even write.  The activity also helped develop hand/eye coordination which would help the child’s brain develop and later enable him to read.

This true story inspired the creation of this website to make you feel like an extraordinary parent!