Why is early learning important?

Research shows that a child’s brain develops constantly in the early years, especially from birth to age three. In fact, by the time your child reaches age three, their brain can be twice as active as most adults. Everything you do can impact your child’s development!

Q: What is happening with your child’s brain?

A: A baby is born with billions of possible brain cell connections.

Q: What makes the connections happen?

A: Close warm interactions with family and caregivers, and positive play experiences
with the environment around them. For example talking, reading, and singing with your child makes your child’s brain develop. Children learn through play.

Q: Why are these connections important?

A: This investment in your child will pay off in the long run! Your child will be
more successful in school, be more likely to attend college, and have the skills to
fulfill their dreams.

The first few years of life are the foundation for growth, learning, and development. You are your child’s first and most important teacher. You provide the play experiences in your child’s life that lead to learning.